Have you ever almost died playing video games?

I believe I played for 2 days none stop when this all the sudden happen it started with a major headache then my hands started feeling tingling I could not breath very good my spine hurts I could not remember things I was feeling sweating I was feeling this for 5 days thank goodness I had siblings live near by I let them know what happen I stayed with them for a couple of days eating food & drinking alot of water I probably would of died if they were not near by I usually only play for 6 hours at most I dont know why I played this long I learn my lesson the hard way I try to remember to eat & drink water so for yall safety & heath concern just remember to take a break eat food & drink plenty of water then you should be good. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    No. I do play games, but not much. I have work.

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