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abnormal vaginal bleeding?

i was expecting my cycle to start in about 4-6 days. i hadn’t hooked up with anyone in over a year, and did last thursday morning. he didn’t use any lubricant, and i felt very bad pain (worse than my first time). as the day went on i thought my cycle had started early, due to the sudden change in what i’d been doing and unrelated stress. one notable difference was that i didn’t start getting my usual cramps until today, which was my tracker’s marked first day of my cycle. i’ve been using tampons as usual, and the amount of blood i’ve been putting out was enough to soak thru several S and S+ sizes (not just a little bit of spotting), though i never experienced any of my normal extreme cramping. should i go see a gyno, or is this something i should wait out?


tampon sizes were super and super plus. it was 3-4 a day for 3 days

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  • Tavy
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    4 weeks ago

    It's an early period that is all, apps are made by technicians, they can't track your hormones.

    You need a super tampon , not small.

    re Your Update. I used at least 6 tampons a day for the first few days for 30 years./

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