Is it worth it?

Will I be hired if I complete a masters in Human Resources management at 57 years old? Is it worth even trying? It sounds laughable even writing the question.🤔.  I have been in occupational therapy for twenty five years and I have been thinking about a career change as it’s a physical job. Now, with coronavirus emerging I have made a decision to move out of skilled nursing homes but I dint want to waste time /money in a degree I can’t use . Please help.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Probably a bad choice. First, HR tends to be a glutted field in many areas, so the competition among those with new HR master's (or MBA) can be very tough. IF you had experience in management of health care employees & were upgrading your education, a promotion/raise in your current job managing health care employees, occupational therapists, etc, could be a better prospect. Have you considered prospects related to your experience in OT? Maybe training OTs? Or....? 

  • John
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Speaking as someone who is older than you are, I'd have to say your chances in the job market would be lower than average.  People generally become less in demand after the age of 50.  

    Oddly enough, being older can help get part-time work in certain fields.  Many offices do want to hire someone who is only working to supplement retirement income, and is not planning on big raises or advancement. Unfortunately, a professional level position in HR would not be among those kinds of jobs. 

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