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Should I let dealership know of accident?

I was in a non fault accident 2.5 months ago with the 2011 mustang GT I’m about to sell to a dealership, CarMax, webuyanycar, etc. The accident isn’t on carfax or autocheck. There’s a mismatch rim and new tire on the driver rear side but that’s it. Should I let them know about the accident or just let them try to spot it? I don’t want to reduce my offer if they would let me off with it with it not being on file yet. They all ask online about accidents. I answered yes already, but what happens if I lie and say no? I’m not sure what route I should take come inspection time. Also, it was reported and insurance fixed. Everything looks new. So it will likely eventually show up on file at some point. 

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    If they ask you flat out if it had been in an accident then you should not lie.   But if they do not ask,  I would not go out of my way to tell them.    But most of the time they can tell if a car has been in an accident.   They will definitely spot the mismatch rim and new tire.   They also look for differences in the quality of the paint.  

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    how would you like somebody to sell you a car that had been in an accident prior to you purchasing it .  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you .

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    When you take a car in for trade in you never offer them anything. I've sold cars that burnt oil so bad that I washed the car down the street from the car dealer and topped up the oil. Best to do that on the last Friday of the month at 6PM after all their good mechanics have gone home!

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    As you went through insurance it will eventually show up on services like Carfax. 

    The offer you’ve been made was made on the basis of the facts at that time; the buyer will probably conduct another check on those databases before confirming any offer.

    If the claim has not yet shown up on databases and if there was no structural damage or other body damage then the appraiser might not spot the mismatching rim, but I wouldn’t count upon it; part of the appraiser’s job is to find *any* undeclared damage or defects in order to knock down the value of the offer you’ve had. Part of their pay is based upon commission percentage on the money they save their employer. So they’re motivated to spot differences between what a seller has declared and what’s been presented to them. 

    The sale is like any other deal: sold as seen. You do not have to disclose the new damage unless you are asked. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applies.

    As long as you don’t lie if directly asked then if they fail to spot the problem then that’s their problem.

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    Dealers are big boys. The only exception would be a prior salvage that you did not disclose and they did not catch.

    I doubt what you put is going to matter. The appraiser is not going to take your word for it.  If anything, they may offer less because you tried to hide it.

    carfax or autocheck do not mean much.

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    If it went through insurance , then it was an accident and you must say 'Yes' if asked.   If it had not gone through insurance then it was not as official accident.  

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