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Why do people have an issue with gender selection through IVF?

Gender selection through IVF is frowned upon, but I've never understood why. Does it legimately hurt the embryo or something? People just say "it's wrong" but don't really say why. I don't plan on doing this myself, but if I heard of someone else doing it, I wouldn't care. It's their child, not mine. Why do people throw tantrums about how others plan their children?

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    I've done it. My first child was a boy and I really wanted a girl, so since we'd had our embryos genetically screened anyway (to greatly reduce risk of aneuploidy and miscarriage), we opted to try the girls first. I would have also been happy with another boy, but since it was our second child and we were given the option, we prioritized the girls. As it happened, our higher graded embryos were all female anyway, so if we had gone by order of embryo grading we still would have wound up with our girl.

    Should note that not all fertility clinics offer sex selection with IVF, and most will not do it for a first child. Reason for that is because the majority of parents, if they can only ever have one child, will opt for a boy. Sons are favored in pretty much every human civilization, and in some very strongly so. By only offering sex selection for subsequent children, fertility doctors avoid ethical conundrums around cultural preferences for boys, and/or inappropriate utilization of fertility treatments by those who don't actually need them. 

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    I don't know anyone who's throwing tantrums over it, and it isn't anyone's business but your own. BUT the only planning one should be doing is WHEN to have children and not WHICH ones.  Gender "selection" should happen naturally -- let God (if you believe in one) decide whether it's a boy or a girl, not another human.  If you start messing around with nature, she just might retaliate....

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