Canada University Sign up?

I'm a high school student in Ontario, Canada and I don't exactly have the best grades. I average around high 70s to mid 80s and can't seem to get past that. My mom has been pressuring me about picking up my grades properly and even suggested she'd get me a tutor but I just wanna know if anyone here has gone to UOFT, ryerson, or waterloo and if you really need around a 95 average to get accepted. I'm really stressed about my grades and i'm unsure if everyone else is just exaggerating it.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Go online & look up statistics for admitted students. If you do not exceed the average GPA, test scores, etc, for previously accepted students, your prospects are poor. Check schools' websites for requirements - you must meet or exceed all requirements to apply, but that does mean your prospects for acceptance are good. E.g. Ryerson is highly regarded, very competitive admissions.

    If you have really been trying, diligently studying & doing homework, etc, and still average around the 80-mark, perhaps university is not your best choice. Perhaps a tutor can help, & might be worth trying. What else are you considering, in line with your abilities, interests, talents, etc?

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