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? asked in SportsTennis · 2 months ago

Watching Murray vs Wawrinka (French Open) right now is he going to end up doing it the hard way - two sets down and battle back,?

or is it really all over for him.   If he goes out in the first round, will he just retire as I think he should now.


Actually I am suggesting it's time to retire.  While he's been 'recovering' from his various surgeries and injuries, the young up and comings have done exactly that - up and come.   I don't know what the excuse was for his performance vs Wawrinka, but the match was even harder to watch than the usual Murray matches.

Update 2:

Further, Murray took a wildcard to play at the French Open, which in my opinion, should have better be given to one of the younger rising players.  Sorry Murray but enough is most probably enough.

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  • 2 months ago

    rofl, so you're suggesting he should retire due to a loss to an opponent of the class of Wawrinka currently ranked 16 i.e. ~100 places above?? i'm sorry, but this is hardly a cause for retirement!!

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