Should I ask a guy out? I have C-PTSD which means after years of extreme child abuse I struggle in love, trust and being vunerable. ?

I'm 29 now.

I was homeless for six months in the winter.

I thought to myself I got get my life back. I couldn't remember who I was before the abuse. It mentally killed me.

After six months homeless I got a job at a shopping centre part time whilst I mentally heal. I want a family. I don't feel like I've ever had that.

As I am in induction for the job a man walks up the stairs and he's stunning like and he checks me out and he smiles from ear to ear and gushes. Like he checked me out big time. … Turns out he's the manager of the shop. He's my age….and you know when he was looking at me it was like emotionally we were both looking for the one to start a family with.

Like he was staring into my eyes a lot. I got green eyes, tanned skin and black hair. But because of the abuse I don't think I'm good looking.

I work nights, he works day…We're the same age…I think we both want to start a family.

Something happened at work last week we had a meeting and we look into each others eyes there's definitely like we curious about each other. He was staring deeply into my eyes, my body I saw him staring at my hips. Like we're watching each others reactions.

The shop market is in London and it's stressful due to Corona alot of pressure on him and I know he doesn't want to mess up his career.

Like I want a family more than anything. I've never had one. Should I just ask???

How did you know you met your partner?

So what do you guys think

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Stop! He may be sexually attracted to you but that doesn't mean he wants to set up home with you and have babies! If you suggest anything more than meeting for a coffee or a drink after work you are going to scare the daylight out of him. You're already giving strong stalker vibes so be careful and reel in your enthusiasm or you could find yourself in trouble at work. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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