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What are some current issues pertaining to Social Security?

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    California is a great example of what Abortion is doing to Unfunded LIability

    Actuaries estimate that the state has only $874.3 million in assets for a liability of $86.5 billion—meaning the state has an unfunded retiree health liability of $85.6 billion.Oct 17, 2019

    Do you see what is happening? Less workers, people fleeing high-tax areas...It would be almost impossible in the best of circumstances 

  • Social Security is paid to prevent marauding criminals helping themselves to our possessions.

    It's an insurance policy of sorts.

    Let's hope that it can be paid until the pandemic is over.

    Otherwise there will be big trouble.

    Big Big Trouble.

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    4 weeks ago

    Only beaners and fatties use Social Security.

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