My husband has extremely disgusting oral hygiene but talking to him wont go through his head. I'm thinking of divorcing him lately.?

He wasn't like this when we were dating. He took showers occasionally and always cared for himself. It's been 3 years into our marriage and during our marriage, hes never touched a toothbrush for an entire two years and a half. His teeth has became rotten yellow and his breath smells like dead people. He drinks so many energy drinks and it's made one of his front tooth rot to the point it fell out. So he has a missing tooth at the front and it doesnt look good at all. He still continues to drink 8 energy drinks a day and eat so much sugar without ever brushing his teeth. If he continues this, he wont have anymore teeth by the end of 2021 and I can't live with him. I talked to him so many times about how he should go brush his mouth and I even bought the toothpaste and an electronic toothbrush for him to use and he still never touches it. He gets extremely mad when I dont want to kiss him. When he kisses me, I do not kiss him back and I keep my mouth closed because it's so disgusting and I could smell dead people off his lips. I distance myself from him now and its causing problems. He never shaves his beard or his head hair and hes just an oily mess. His showers take 5 minutes and he still smells bad when he comes out. He was not like this before and I dont know what's going on. Its affecting everything including our sex life. We hadn't had sex in over 3 months. I always fantasize about other men that are not him. I'm sick of it and talking isnt getting through his head.


I threatened him with divorce but he doesn't seem to care. I tried talking over and over but he still doesnt care. I literally wasted $40 on an electronic brush but hes never used it and it's just sitting there. I dont know what else to do. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    It's not your job having to parent your husband. He could give you an infection due to his terrible hygiene. EEw. no thanks

    Get rid of him

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Stop sleeping with him, sleep in another room, or you can spray hi with Lysol, anytime he gets near you.

  • Mary
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    4 weeks ago

    He sounds like my son unfortunately

  • 4 weeks ago

    Ask him WHY he is trying to kill himself. There might be a reason. Tell him he smells like a dead person and it's really scaring you. Three years ago he was not like this? There's a reason for the change. Why is he trying to kill himself? The health of one's mouth speaks directly to the health of their heart. For you, with great reason, this is about how you can't stand to be near him anymore. For him, it might be that he can't stand to be himself anymore. That's actually a bigger thing. Call him on it. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I suggest couples counseling. Best of luck to you both! 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Nice try..... not true

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