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Why do Muslim families put pressure on their kids to marry and marry young?

Why don't they just allow their kids to finish their education, establish their careers, to enjoy life. They themselves married and had kids young, don't they understand how much responsibility it is? I see so many Muslim men and women desperately search for someone, they end up marrying the wrong person and not someone they really love and don't get to know them for long, they marry and then find out that this person isn't right for them, they fall out of love, don't have much in common, marriage isn't what they thought it would be and they either stay unhappily together or divorce.

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    Being married young, means less unwed mothers.  This used to be the same way with Christian countries too, but that was before women gained  rights and ability to  take care of themselves.  This is just an outdated idea of when daughters were burdens to their father because they did not work outside the home, which is why fathers also paid somebody to marry their daughter with a dowry.   Sometimes it takes a few generations to change things, so just remember to not put the same expectations upon your children.  That is how you make change.

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    They marry young because in Islam, it’s not permitted to have sexual intercourses or any action related to sex, outside of a mariage. So in order to prevent young people from sinning , they’d rather let them marry young. Plus they get to see their grandchild most of the times.

    Now culturally, (actually even in islam) women are considered the responsibility of their dads till they get married, and then the responsibility of the husband till he dies.So girls are usually pressured into joining a mariage to « become women » and fulfill « their duty »

    Source(s): Hadith/Coran islam holy books
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    For the same reasons that some people of other faiths and of none do so.

  • Anonymous
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    the father and mother want to see

    their grand children before they die

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    a man's worth is in his children, plus they like the 'younger' girls ........

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    I know. That's a Catholic thing.

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