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What is wrong with my Shih Tzu? ?

So I recently brought a 3-month (almost 4 month) Shih Tzu puppy from a idiot co-worker of mine had been abusing the poor pup for months.  He brought the puppy when he was 8 weeks old.  He never put him on a schedule.  He wouldn’t let the pup outside of his bedroom often.  He would leave the dog in his crate for hours on. He would go a day or two without feeding him or giving him water.  He wouldn’t take the pup out so he would poop in the house and in his crate. And the idiot would beat him with his bare head and flip-flop.  Now that I brought the pup from him, the pup acts as if he’s scared to go to the bathroom.  When I take him out for walks, I have to pull him by his harness.  Can somebody please help and guide me on what’s wrong with my pup?  Could him not having his shot also have something to do with it?

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    You explained it very well, you know the reason the pup behaves the way it does & why.  You just explained it all.

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    How do you know so precisely about all of the ABUSE -when this was supposedly a CO-WORKER and not a roommate?  Why..... would anyone admit to doing ANY of this?  Therefore do to my incredulity of the former "story" I find a hard time believing any of  THE REST....of this.

    If the dog has not had shots - it needs to see a vet; not be walked all over the neighbor hood. (It needs to be examined as to overall health and any long term signs of abuse - so you can assure them it was not your doing and to know if it will have any long term physical issues).  Get ALL of the shots accomplished - as though it were a brand new puppy.  

    BUY A CLUE => the puppy has had NO TRAINING!

    1) Puppy has never been housebroken.

    2) It has NO IDEA how to walk on a leash (aka has not been LEASH TRAINED).

    3) Puppy has been ABUSED and will not trust you (for now) and will have great many fears (due to a TOTAL LACK of socialization). 

    4) You need to read up... on HOW to try and REHABILITATE an abused dog.

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    why would you buy this traumatized dog from your co-worker, knowing all these thing about it? get it it's shots. and you now have your work cut out for you. you have to retrain it and with love and patience. let it know it can trust you. don't continue the abuse. put walkies on hold for a while. work with it. be patient, be patient, be patient and be kind to it. don't spoil it, just be firm and kind to it.

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