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How to narrow down ideas for my book? ?

I wrote the beginning half of my story a few years ago, then I realised it was very cliche and try to change it up. Only a little while later I realised I didn't like it now that it was changed. I also tried to give the characters more depth but now I didn't know how these added elements fit in with the wider story. 

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    How do I narrow down and pick my book topic?

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    When I re-write an old half finished idea the first thing I do is read what I have and all my old notes and ask myself what is the story about. What's the point and why do I think it needs to be told. Sometimes it can be hard trying to force an idea to be something it's not i.e your story is cliche so you're trying to make it not be so you've come into problems.

    You character should be active from the very get go. Doesn't have to be related to their main goal, but they need to be doing something, they must be active not reactive to the world, this makes for an engaging character and helps you because it's makes the character more versatile. What does your character want? And what does he think will get him that? What has he tried to do all ready and failed? Where is his conflict? 

    Go back to your cliche idea and own it.Cliche isn't bad. I'd rather read a cliche book that is well written and doesn't feel forced. That an original idea that feels forced and so not well written. 

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    I think you need to ignore the fact that you wrote part of it already. Maybe you'll use some of it, maybe no.

    What I'd do is focus on either character or plot. Write yourself lots of notes on who these people are or what's happening and what they do about it. Or do both.

    Noodling around with ideas can lead you to a basic storyline. Character, whose life situation is This, has a Thing Happen that creates a New Desire or Need. Character does That to achieve it, but Something or Someone keeps Character from attaining the new goal. So Character tries That Other Thing, only it doesn't work either. Character seeks help from ally or new ally, goes after the goal hard, only to be thwarted again by Something or Someone. Character is being changed by the struggle, stops being reactive to events but becomes active, giving all or most of their energy to the struggle, committing fully. One final push will use everything Character can muster; either goal is achieved or all is lost.

    This is the basic plotline of nearly every kind of story telling, whether it's a mystery, romance, horror, western, or science fiction.

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    How do I narrow down and pick my book topic?” The truth is that there is no “one true method” for ...

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  • 2 months ago

    How do I narrow down and pick my book topic?” The truth is that there is no “one true method” for figuring out what your book should be about. 

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