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My retainer is broken. What the hell do I do!??!!?

I've been extremely stressed and busy, so have been falling asleep late. I didn't wear my retainer for about a week due to not having the time to clean it before sleeping. I wore it Friday from about 8pm? I kept waking up in the night because it was uncomfortable and took it off and put it on my bedside drawer at around 4am and fell back asleep. I woke up and went downstairs to get breakfast etc. 

When I came back upstairs, I noticed one of my retainers was missing (the top one if it makes any difference). This was fine as it's happened before so I just shook out my blankets and pillows. Still hadn't found it so I was panicking a bit, so took off all my covers, blankets sheets etc and thoroughly checked them, still no sign of the retainer. I emptied out drawers, unfolded clothes, looked under both bedside drawers and the bed frame and mattress several times, emptied bags, still nowhere. I'm really stressing at this point as I need to be wearing the retainer.

Skip to about 11am today (Sunday) and I find it on my Mum's bedroom floor (my Mum's been staying at her bf's house so wasn't there last night). I was so so relieved I nearly started crying, only to pick it up and realise it's deformed. It doesn't fit on my teeth anymore, and the left side is extremely damaged, with a small hole in part of it. Our dog must have gone into my room Saturday morning, taken it off my bedside drawer and chewed it to hell and back. 

TL;DR  dog chewed my retainer, it doesn't fit. H E L P???

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Call your orthodontist, make an appointment,  and get a new retainer. 

    You could have made the call in the time it took to write out your question. 

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