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Question about ancestry dna test ?

I got an ancestry test and it came back English, Scottish, ulster Irish and Norwegian

First question

 I have always had Asian looking eyes and I've no Asian in me but I done some research and it came up that the indigenous scandanavian people called the laapps or the sami have Asian looking eyes and they lived in Norway and I have 2 percent Norwegian dna so maybe that's where Asian eyes come from 

Second question is 

I have dark brown eyes and black hair which is strange as my dna is scandanavian, celtic, saxon and likely pictish how is this possible 

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    Don't trust anything ancestry tells you.  Stated my brother was dead which he is alive and well.  So tells me the site is not to be trusted.

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    My  DNA tests from three different companies came back basically the same.  Primarily  English,Welsh, Scot, & Irish with a LITTLE French and Italian Swiss.  I have very dark brown black hair, hazel eyes and rather almond shaped eyes.  I look very much like my Father.  My Mother was blue eyed and light brown hair (looked like her father, who was Italian Swiss).  DNA traits may represent 500 to 1000 years of ancestral history.  You might want to read something about DNA results and what GENEALOGICAL DNA represents.

    Source(s): Genealogical Researcher over 50 years - started long before DNA testing existed.
  • Prince
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    Vikings both captured and bought slaves from Ireland to Constantinople. They castrated the men but couldn't sterilise women without killing them so they had offspring with female slaves.

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    Note that most authorities do not consider Lapp and Sami people to be Scandinavian.

    Your ancestry seems in  general to be a fairly standard mix of Northern European and Celtic.  The word Pict is what the Romans called the inhabitants of what is now Scotland. It means 'the painted people' - because they painted themselves with blue woad dye to make themselves look ferocious in battle.

    Really nothing much special to be said about your ancestry. Your ancestors travelled around, as did most peoples' ancestors.

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    "my dna is scandinavian, celtic, saxon and likely pictish"

    No, that's not how it works. There are no genetics for ethnicity. What the test found is that there are people with (parts of) chromosomes (almost) identical to some of yours among Scottish, Irish, English and Norwegian people in the company's database. Most of them will be distant cousins of yours

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    This isn't as exact a science as you think.  Mutations happen.  And the ancestry tests aren't perfect.

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    Dark brown eyes and dark hair are exactly 'Celtic' traits. The genes for dark hair and dark eyes are dominant so this isn't a surprise. In fact, the Celts looked quite similar to the indigenous North American tribes ... but paler in complexion.

    This seems odd because we've been bombarded with the idea that the Celts were blue eyed and red haired. Red hair, unfortunately for me, is possibly a Neanderthal trait that we acquired through cross-breeding. But it did give us red heads oafish strength.

    As for 'Asian eyes' ... this is basically the result of the epicanthic fold of the eyelids. This is actually pretty common in Europe, particularly in northern Scandinavia and ... surprise ... Ireland. Have a look at pictures of JFK's eyes. He was of Irish descent.

    So nothing you've said is particularly unusual. It seems odd because TV and movies have lied to us for decades!

  • Anonymous
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    Where do you think the cluelessness came from?  I mean - really now:  there is no question #1 in your posting . . . . . and you had to get an ancestry test - - - you never noticed that the Finns and Norwegians often have that touch of Lapp  that sets them apart from Swedes?  Really - this is news to you?  Guess that's the Irish in you.

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    DNA tests you buy are to entertain you and nothing more, so if you want to find out who your ancestors were and really where they came from then you need to research properly

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