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Is ok to share a Lyft or Uber ride yet can't use pool how does that make any sense ??

I get it there's a pandemic going on. But why is it me a friend or two or three other friends can share a ride yet pool can't be used right now.   what is the difference between sharing a ride with two or three friends or sharing a ride with two or three other people in a pool.  If we are sitting apart, wearing mask, using hand sanitizer or sanitary wipes and and lysol to spray the seats after we get out in between riders.  I do not understand why pool cannot be used. 

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    Read something about viruses 

  • Anonymous
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    A mask will inevitably come off if underwater. 

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    Because if you're going someplace with friends, then you are going to breathe on them at the destination regardless of whether you ride together or separately. And if you're ignoring the pandemic enough to go out with friends once, it's likely that you visit them on other occasions. 

    Your group is what people have called a "bubble" or "pod". When one friend catches the virus, they'll spread it to the rest of you. Skipping the 20 minutes in an Uber doesn't significantly reduce your danger.

    In contrast, an Uber Pool lets the virus spread between people who would not otherwise have met each other. Interacting with strangers is how an epidemic becomes a pandemic.

    P.S. A cotton mask only reduces your risk of infection by about 50%. Staying 10 feet apart also reduces your risk, unless it makes the other person shout to be heard (propels air from their lungs farther). Going out in public is still very risky.

  • 1 month ago

    allowing random people to ride together merges two groups.

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    You can't sit far enough apart to avoid spreading the virus.  A car isn't that big.  Wiping down the seats, cleaning your hands, etc., won't eliminate the risk either, because you're still breathing the same air.

    If you or your friends have the virus, you can spread it to each other in the car, but you'll probably spread it to each other somewhere anyway, even if you don't share the ride, so they figure it doesn't matter very much whether you share the ride in addition to being near each other when you aren't in the car, because you'll be exposed to each other's germs either way.

    But with the pool, there is no way to be far enough apart in the car, and you won't be exposed to each other if you take separate rides.

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