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Is this credit muling,scam?

Hi,i just wanted to ask question about credit scamming and to see if anyone had similar experience.So my friend was offered a quick earning by some guy she knows.He told her that the only thing she has to do is to buy a phone and to sign a contract,then give him ID and credit information.Then he will pay for her deposit if her credit is low and finally give her money,from 50 to 10 euros they had a deal for.He said that she wont have to pay monethly phone bills because the contract will be over in three months,magically i guess.His company will pay all of the money on his name but the only thing he has is his email,she has signed a contract on her name.And she will have to pay the money for the rest of time,if she doesnt she will have to return the phone.But she doesnt have it because the guy with the company took it so he could resell the phone.I think its obvious scam,it sound fishy to me...Do you have any knowlege or familiar experience on this theme?

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  • 1 month ago

    Of course that's a scam you thick t wat.

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