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First car, is diesel okay?


I passed my driving test a few weeks ago and have been searching for a car, there isn’t much about due to no one selling much because of COVID. I found a decent Ford Fiesta 2012 but it was a 1.4 Diesel engine. I noticed it was a tad nosier when my mum took it on a test drive ( I didn’t because I had just passed my test) but that doesn’t bother me. I have been reading reviews that some people think there is a massive difference to petrol and some not?

I’ve put the deposit down but all these comments online are making me think I shouldn’t go through with it.

Any advice? I will be using it firstly for trips to work and back and friends so probably about 30-40 mins each day.

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    Provided that it has some service history and hasn't clocked up a ridiculously large number of miles (If looked after it could reach 180,000 miles before becoming uneconomic to repair) it should be fine. Give it an oil change asap if there is no record of one in the last year. It's not a car you'll have forever so don't worry about diesel regulations unless you live in one of 'those' cities that seem intent on banning the older ones.

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    ford make a great diesel engine ..and fiesta is a fine little car barry says .50+mpg`s is easy ..service is vital on all cars 

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    Of course it's OK. I drive two diesels and enjoy the ease of driving and the 50+ mpg. Diesel engines last twice as long as petrols providing they are serviced regularly. Fully synthetic oil is essential.

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