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How can I win my husband heart back. After having an affair I realize I much I love him ?

I thought I had fell out of love with my husband but after I had the affair and realize how crappy single men are I realized I don’t want to live without my husband I realized how amazing he is . He left me a couple of weeks ago said he’s moving to a different city. My entire attitude has changed once I went out there and seen how crappy other men are compared to my husband. I was very young And sheltered when we got together so I needed to experience life And things I felt like I was having a mid life crisis or something but now I know for certain I don’t want to be with anyone else for the rest of my life. He said that he’s not trying to be the scraps I settle for. That is NOT the case!!

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    2 weeks ago

    You cheated, your husband doesn't love you anymore and never will. you betrayed him there is no trust, move on and let him find someone he can be happy with which obviously is not you.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Think that's it I'm afraid he aint coming back. My wife had few drunken one night stands, she was very pretty when she was young, still is, but oddly these events turned me on when she confessed, kinky. Your guy on the other was obviously a sensitive sensible type. To be honest he sounds kind of boring and that's why you wanted a bit of extra curricular. Safe but sensible people are great when you want to feel safe but the truth is sometimes you don't, hard to get a the right balance, anyway move on and put it down to experience. Sounds like you need to have few more sexual experiences with different guys before you find a guy to settle down with.

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    Wow that's a tough one. It takes two to have a working relationship. Maybe you need to build the trust slowly, but this also needs his co operation for him to give you another chance! ... You may also get hit with a restraining order if you end up "harrassing" the person! Hmm.... I'm sorry you are going through this... ... is there anything you can speak to him about it whatsoever? That's probably the only way you can get him back is if you guys are on speaking terms... 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Sorry, but the party is over....move on.

  • 3 weeks ago

    YOU CAN’T! You already ruined it and you ruined your husband! Move on and learn to forgive yourself and do better. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Best of luck!

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    I understand what your husband is going through and I can't blame him for what he's feeling rn. You shouldn't have cheated on him because he doesn't deserve this. I understand that it was a mistake but you still have to give him more time to regain your trust.

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    Chase him.  How much effort you put in along with how long you keep it up will define how much you want him back.  The reality isn't that you want your husband back at all.  The reality is moving forward is difficult and you want to return to a time when you had someone without making the effort it would take to find someone new.  And ultimately haven't yet realized that getting your husband back is a more difficult task than getting someone new. Sorry.

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    You broke the Golden Rule: Don't do to others what you hate. It isn't just some moralistic saying. It's a law that plays out naturally: cause and consequence.

    It all depends on your husband. Is he a forgiving man? He may forgive, but he won't forget. If you're lucky he will also discover that the women he meets are not for him.

    Remember the promise you made when you got married, to always love him....   Well, you could always stay in touch with him as a friend [no whining about wanting him back] and you can work on bettering yourself and be the woman he fell in love with.

    You may come out of this with a good friend.

  • David
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    3 weeks ago

    It's too late.

    You have one chance to keep the trust of your spouse.  You blew that.

    Now your husband could never trust you again.

    The best outcome for YOU is if your husband divorces you.  Otherwise, you will live the rest of your life under a cloud of suspicion, which is no way to live.

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