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Frank Lampard, it's time to go or no?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    In a way Chelsea are blessed that of all the clubs hes come back to his former club to manage them, he is Chelsea through and through and is revered like a God at the club,  hes a Legend there at Stamford Bridge.

    I think with time, and patience,  he will make them a formidable force in the Premier League and it will be both our and City's headache.

    Having said that, I expect the Premier League to peak again ( become seriously super tough to play in and win ) in a few seasons time,  because Jose Mourinho wants success for the Spurs fans (they deserve some most definitely ) and Ancelotti didn't come to Goodison Park for one last big pay check, he too wants to land some silverware for the Toffees and put some smiles on blue half of Merseyside.

    Then you have Arteta who in my opnion has done a very good job as Arsenal manager say what you want about him but hes taking them in a forward direction and its going to take time, whatever his intentions I sense the clubs owners are giving him full backing and will support his long time plan to make Arsenal start challening the likes of us and City at the top.

    Then you have Man United, who for me are a much more delicate proposition because the pressure there must be stupendously big lol

    Ole when he first came just said 'go out, play enjoy yourselves score goals!'

    and they did.. but then it got tough and the better teams battered them and reality kicked in,  that this league you can't become successful with just that mentality and hot/cold players.

    OGS will most likely need the same full backing from MUFC owners if hes to take United forwards and upwards in the table to compete for the league title.

    Remains to be seen which of these clubs make faster progress and close the gap on the top two.

    Frank Lampard has the luxury of some super talented young players,  hes made very good signings this summer and strengthened Chelsea no end and has said he still wants to bring in more..

    Chelsea for me remain the no 1 challengers outside the top 2  and most likely club to start competing properly with city and ourselves.

    With United, I'm afraid Ole is stuck with the squad he has and will need to seriously find ways to move on at least 6 players before he can start adding new ones to the squad.   Will do well to finish top 4 this season imo.

    Look at Leicester City right now btw...Jamie Vardy is on fire again.  Remember the last time he was playing THIS well ?

  • Ryan
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    1 month ago

    A lot of people (vast majority west ham fans) wrote Lampard off early in his career we all know the stories of fat frank, telling redknapp that shite players should play instead, he's only in the team because he is the managers nephew and all this and he went on to have a very successful playing career at Chelsea. Anyone within the game who knows Frank has said he'd be a great manager, I've not once heard anyone who worked with OGS say he'd be a great manager. Frank has worked with Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez. three great managers. You could stretch that to Fabio Capello who had been successful at every club team he managed before taking the England job and had worked with some of the greatest players to ever live but unlike the other 3 I mentioned there was no success under Capello for Lampard. 

    But he has surely learned a lot from these men. 

    Looking at his managerial career he inherit a Derby team who had just finished 6th, he led them to a second 6th place finish but he took them to the play off final and they went further in both domestic cups under Lampard than Rowell. 

    At Chelsea he had to work under the transfer ban, he was fortunate he could keep Kovacic and had Pulisic signed before the ban that helped strengthen the squad and in the case of Pulisic freshen the squad. They lost way too many games over the course of the season something I was very hard on Lampard for but they still finished 4th, reached an FA cup final, reached the champions league round of 16 where they can have no shame for being torn apart by Bayern Munich after what we saw Bayern do to other teams. 

    The signings on paper look promising Thiago Silva is a funny one with his shite performance against one of the worst teams in the league but his experience is needed he's a serial winner. 

    Anyway I wouldn't write off Lampard as a manager I think he sees the game the right way he's all about the goals same as he was a player, everyone within the game who knows Lampard tips him to be a great manager. They had a pretty good season last season despite losing the cup finishing 4th was the bare minimum they needed to have a good season and they did that. The club has backed him in the market and they've offloaded players he doesn't want he seems to be almost in full control of who comes in and out of the club, he seems to have the players backing I think they'll have a good season. I don't know what this is with people getting so carried away with the first three games of the season they'll sort themselves out and Frank will prove he's a good manager 

  • 1 month ago

    I'm definitely Frank in.

  • 1 month ago

    It was time last season they were absolutely dreadful, He finished behind OGS ffs, lol. how anyone thought they’d be challenging is beyond me. 

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  • wow!   you didn't even lose the game ffs,  so did we have anybody in mind?

  • August
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    1 month ago

    Having only watched the highlights, i was thinking the same at 3-0 but for the time being,he better get more out of his expensive line up or he will get the chop from that Russian 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    These days you get the impression, watching almost any game, that if the other side scores the first goal within the first 10 minutes there will be a queue of people with itchy fingers to put the words "Sack the manager" on social media. Do people need to get a reality check here or what?

    It makes you wonder whether the 'Football' League should be replaced with the words 'Instant Success' League.

    Both sides can't win a game of football. No more than 1 team can win a competition or trophy and teams WILL finish in the European or promotion/play off places whilst others miss out or are relegated. Does this give any indication of how good the actual managers are since success and failure may be attributed to many factors but the most important of which is/are the resources available? 

    Football was designed to be an entertainment industry. What a shame it has turned into a success or out culture.

    Checking the actual stats to the West Brom v Chelsea game the obvious answer would be in anyone's dreams.

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