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whats a college major that involves little to no math??

im a freshman in college majoring in computer science and im only in pre-calc right now.. computer science itself and coding does not involve as much math as we are required to take,,im good with all the basics but i have to go all the way up to calc II if i continue this major. I studied so much and took a test where we were allowed to use any resources, notes, websites,, and i STILL got a 65% on that test. i, theres no way i can go farther than this let alone try to pass this class.. i struggle too much with math and it takes up so much of my time and energy that i cant even focus on any other classes.. i was thinking criminology but does that require more than precalc for gen ed?? i tried looking up things like psychology and criminology but they all give different answers so idk what to do. 

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