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Is it likely I got covid due to this incident that happened?

Today I was at a crosswalk waiting to cross the road when a lady in her 60’s came over with her 80 year old elderly mother in a wheelchair and stood next to me to wait. Now my head was turned the opposite direction but I heard the lady cough deeply behind me and she was not wearing a face mask. This happened in a city but we have very low cases in this city. I’m now a little worried. 

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  • Olive
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    3 weeks ago
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    Being its low cases and had your head turned away, it should be alright. The cough could of been something all together different then that

  • 3 weeks ago

    Were you wearing a mask?

    If so, you are fairly safe.

    As you were both outdoors, even with no mask you are reasonably safe goven it was a breof encounter.

    There are other causes of coughs beyond Covid-19.

    As a courtesy to others you should treat yourself as a possible carrier for the next 2 weeks and get tested at the end of that time or if you start showing symptoms.

  • Jake
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    3 weeks ago

    I know. Its as stressful as waiting to see if the chick you picked up over the weekend is pregnant or not.

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