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Should first time dog owner adopt or buy for their first dog?

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    I would recommend adoption for a first time dog owner. Rescues have little gain from lies or deceit and they are used to matching dogs to people all the time. I doubt you'd have the money to buy from a real breeder so you'd go to a BYB and all they care about is selling a dog. Dogs all have different requirements for care (obviously many are different like they all require the basic care) but after basic care they are all different. I got my dog from a rescue and the staff really couldn't have matched us better. My dog was totally low maintenance, easy to train, wanting to learn and do what was asked for her. No trouble. She was the best first time dog for a teenager. She required very little from me and this allowed me to learn and gain confidence in dog owning. She wasn't hard work. My Mum's dog was the opposite. He had different requirements from my dog. He requirement longer, more frequent walks, trainers, dietitians - he needed a firm leader.

    It's hard to match a person to a puppy as they haven't come into their personality yet.

    I would recommend all first time dog owners to get an adult dog. And that you be clear with the rescue what you're looking for and let them help you.  

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    First time or no, surely that would depend on whether the new owner wants 'a breed' (he/she might be lucky to find that breed in a Shelter) or doesn't mind.   The beauty of buying from a REPUTABLE breeder, is you have a puppy with a clean slate.   If you adopt, ten to one that dog will have 'baggage', some of which you may spend time training out, which a novice owner may not be able to do.   But that goes for anybody who adopts or buys, not just a first time dog owner.  

    A novice owner might adopt from a Breed Rescue and the people concerned do make a big effort to match dog with the right new owner, so it doesn't bounce.

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    A lot of first time dogs owners who work and or live alone, will have a very HARD TIME managing an untrained puppy.  I have watched my adult niece struggle with a sporting breed mix.  She CHOOSE to get the dog while not working (as a teacher).  She has the dog house trained & crate trained, but obedience is not going well (dog jumps on EVERYBODY, is iffy on recalls, etc.) since she is trying to do this from videos or books. (There are NO classes available due to covid restrictions).  

    The 6 mo old puppy is a BOTTOMLESS PIT as to exercise needs and this is not what she expected.  She has no partner to help her.  She is also learning the HARD WAY - how difficult it is to have a dog with NO YARD.  Any time and every time the dog needs to go potty, it has to go out on lead.If you adopt a dog from a rescue group VERSUS a shelter you can have a much better idea of what you are getting.  Rescues foster dogs in homes & make sure (unlike the shelter) that the dog is housebroken & crate-trained.  They will also try to determine is personality and the type of home it would do best in and they will try to match YOU to the best dog, if they have several.  Rescues stand behind their dogs & will take them back & give you a refund, up to 2 weeks after adoption (check their contract) if the dog does not seem right for you, in your opinion.So if you adopt you get a dog of KNOWN size, fully vetted, already fixed, house broken & crate-trained.  It may also be leash broken.

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    First time dog owners should have several hundreds of hours of research under their belt.  So much important stuff you need to know.

    It makes no difference whether you adopt or buy from a BYBer or buy from a Reputable Breeder.  All puppies need the same things.  'What do I need for when I bring my puppy home?', 'What does my puppy need to learn first?' 'How to raise a puppy?'  'How to potty train my puppy?', 'teach puppy not to bite'  Do you know about puppy shots?  How much do you know about dogs?  Have you had any experience in caring for an animal?  This may seem a bit overwhelming but there is more...... lots more.

    All the dogs up for adoption were bred by BYBers or Puppy Mills & those would be the breeders you would be buying from.  Adoption is MUCH cheaper & you get so much for just the adoption fee.  Check online for an Adoption Application & fill it out to see if you would qualify to adopt.  Some are rather stringent, precise & kinda personal.

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    our first dog was a stray dumped at the golf course

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