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Positive Ana test plus hand tremors?

Before you ask, yes I have a doctors appointment. But she is busy so I won’t be in for a month and it’s the not knowing that stresses me out so I was just looking for possible answers before I go.

I have a positive Ana test, Ana titer result of 1.8 and a nuclear&speckled pattern. I got this test done following an appointment to check on my hands, arms and legs having tremors/twitches that have progressively gotten worse over the past 5 months.

I know none of you are necessarily specialist so I don’t expect you to know but if anyone of you have had or know if someone with similar situations i would love to hear about it because I feel pretty alone and kinda nervous and scared about these results. 


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    You might want to check again that titer of 1.8 unless you mean a titer of 1:8. If the titer is 1:8 then that isn't very high and not clinically significant. If it were 1:160 or the very least greater than 1:80 then that would be more significant. 

    With high titers more testing is done to determine the specificity of the ANA as that is important for the interpretation of the type of antibody that might be targeting tissues. 

    Normally there is a protocol to do more testing if one has a high titer and I don't see any results there mentioning such tests and so again the titer is not clinically significant. 

    ANA Screen,IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern,and Reflex to Multiplex 11 Ab Cascade

    That is the typical test that is ordered.

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