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Has there ever been a concept paper about concepts themselves?

I posted this on Homework help and AnswerHigher Education (University +) 1 day ago. I got an answer that was very helpful, but no paper or text on the subject that I could use as a reference to help me write about said topic, so I'm posting it here. any information at all would help just looking into the subject for school. ( And I mean literally anything at all ) thank you.


or more specifically can the notion of concept be subdivided into groups? any sources would help.

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    The Philosophy of Philosophy, Timothy Williamson;

    Furnishing the Mind:  Concepts and Their Perceptual Basis, Prinz;

    A Study of Concepts, Peacocke.


    "The Plurality of Concepts," Daniel Weiskopf, in "Synthese" (2009).

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