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Will a doctor prescribe me weight loss medication?

I asked my doctor how overweight I am and I was told 70 pounds. I have gained 70 pounds in the last 12 months. 6 months ago the doctor told me I have hypothyroidism. I also struggle with depression and anxiety.  I am taking medication for my thyroid and I recently just got on an antidepressant medication within the last month.  I have been eating healthy , exercising, and even tried over the counter weight loss supplements but still have had no progress.  I am just maintaining the same weight. I am a recovering addict. With that being said  am I qualified for weight loss medication prescribed by a doctor? 

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    You haven't been on your current medications long enough for a doctor to recommend more medication.  Start writing down what you eat and figuring out the number of calories you are consuming each day. It's great to be eating healthy, but you can overeat healthy foods too. Being hypothyroid is going to make your weight loss journey a bit more difficult, but keep plugging away at it.  A session with a nutritionist would be recommended before taking weight loss medications. Those kinds of medication can have some awful side effects.

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    There is no magic pill for weight loss.

    There is hard work of diet & exercise or there is surgery.

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    Well, most weight loss mediations actually do very little -- maybe 12 pound in a year, so it isn't particularly likely that you'll get medication when you've only been on your thyroid and depression meds a short time.

    It's more likely that your doctor will suggest some or all of the following:

    1. Counting calories and staying in a calorie deficit, not just "eating healthy."

    2. Weighing and measuring your portions so you can accurately track your calories.

    3. Getting therapy or counseling to address your depression and potential emotional eating -- probably why you gained so much.

    Pills are not the solution to a 70 pound weight gain.  You will need to learn to address the emotional/psychological issues that drive you to over eat and well as retrain yourself to make do on the right number of calories.  

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