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Will I see any results- walking and cycling? ?

I used to be very skinny like 162cm/50 kg until age 25 and than I went up to 53 kg til age 27. Then problems started because I've had to replace walking and cycling to driving a car as my job required it. I would still go on short walks but it was usually a lot shorter than what I was used to. I went up to 63 kg! This happened in 3 years. Now I don't have a car any more and Im back to cycling and walking. My current "job" requires me to sit around and I can't really do anything about it. I'm an artist and I normally would work 6-8 hours a day, sometimes more. My question is if it's good/not enough/excellent etc that I usually walk 10000 steps/1.5 h a day or I ride my bicycle for about 45 minutes. Or I combine the 2. Sometimes I do more walk+cycle for 2-3 h. I even went picking apples funny or not but to be more active for some time. I don't like gyms at all it's not for me so I rather do physical work as I get bored easily in the gym. I do see a small change in the size of my butt and maybe my belly is a little smaller but that's it. Im doing this for about 3 weeks now. I am watching what I eat also I eat lots of vegetable and fruit, less bread and sugary stuff. Should I increase my activity or maybe I should just be more patient?

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    Weight loss and management is 80% diet.  If you want to lose some weight and maintain that new weight, you need to adjust your calorie consumption.  Exercise is great and certain will burn some calories, but as you've already discovered, you can't guarantee that you have a couple of hours a day to commit to exercise or that you job or weather will comply. 

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    maybe you should get another job if you want to exercise more

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