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How much to put plumbing in an old home?

So, as a surprise I just bought my husband's grandma's home for him because he loved spending his childhood summer's there. 

We want the place for a summer home but the place literally has no plumbing. So, I'm wondering approximately how much it would cost to put in basic one bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing. Thanks! 

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    ONLY a local plumber that has SEEN the home can give a reasonable estimate. Without at least a floor plan, we can't even make a reasonable GUESS how much work is needed, or how easily they can get to where the work needs done.

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    say about $5,000  .  well you did say basic 

  • Droopy
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    4 weeks ago

    gonna be thousands.  Youd have to run supply water to all those fixtures.   Thendrain pipes from them. You'll need some type of septic tank for it to go into.  You actually could split gray water off then reuse it for watering garden,lawn ect.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The first big question is "Where are you getting the water from?"  If you hook up to the city, then that may not be too bad, but if you have to dig a well that can be pretty expensive.  The next question is about sewage.  Again, do you have a way to hook up to the city sewage or do you need to dig and install a septic tank?  Huge cost difference there as well.

    After that, it's the 'in between stuff' of running pipes and installing fixtures, toilets, shower, sinks, etc.  If you have access in an attic or basement to get pipes across the house to the right spot, then it's much cheaper.  If you don't, then you might be dealing with breaking open walls, running pipes, and fixing the walls again.  

    As you can tell, the price could vary a lot.  So anywhere from best case $10k up to $100k.

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  • Barry
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    4 weeks ago

    Buy a book on DIY plumbing and look at tutorials online.. These days no skills are required to install plumbing. You can buy plastic pipe work and use push fit connectors. Plastic pipe will even carry hot water so you can use it for hot water to taps/faucets and to radiators or baseboards. A qualified heating engineer needs to install the boiler/furnace but you can do the rest. I am self taught and have installed  central heating in three houses. Satisfying work too.

  • y
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    4 weeks ago

    Where are you, is there an existing water source and some sort of sewage system. Is there any existing water and such.  All these things, plus more, come into play and how fancy one goes. Also plays into it.

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