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Why didnt King George help his Russian cousins?

Why didn't king George v help the czars? 

I read he was very close to the Czar and initially wanted to help the doomed family, but after learning about the anti royal sentiments in Russia he decided to not help them in fear of anti royal backlash from the British public like what his Russian cousins were facing.

Is this true? 

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  • Clo
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    4 weeks ago

    The British government told the King that it would not be a wise thing to do, that there could be repercussions, problems with the Russian government. George heeded the advice of his government, of  Prime Minister David Lloyd George, and of adviser Arthur Bigge, Baron Stamfordham.

  • Buzz
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    I think there would be an element of truth in that but also the fact that there wasn’t much he could do anyway. We can’t go to war with Russia over their choice of sovereignty. Even if we did, the fall out from two massive armies going into conflict was not worth it. As WW1 demonstrated. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I think the Government at the time warned George V that allowing the Czar and his family to come to the UK would have repercussions from the British population so he backed off.   Could be that he didn't think the family would be murdered, but I'm pretty sure he lived to regret his decision.

    "The government was nervous having the Romanovs on British shores, while George V's private secretary, Lord Stamfordham, feared an uprising against the monarchy. The king soon urged the government to rescind the offer, leaving him open to claims that he abandoned his family for politics."  

    I Googled.   There are other comments about this sad bit of history.

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    4 weeks ago

    David Lloyd George was not at all keen on the political implications of such a move in the middle of a World War and how it would affect subsequent relations with Russia, and for King George's part he really didn't believe his cousin and family would be murdered. As it was, Russia withdrew from the war a few months later.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    He Did he told them to Come to England but the Czar was denied access

    Perhaps it is not surprising that King George V later hesitated to provide a refuge for his cousins. He offered an invitation to the Imperial Family in early March 1917.

    At the time, blame for the withdrawal was laid at the door of the Prime Minister, Lloyd George. The British had shut the door against the doomed family.

    Dont blame the King Blame Lloyd George

  • George V was worried that if he aligned himself too closely with the tsars, the British public might start to identify with the Bolsheviks. He was already facing insurrection in Ireland at the time.

  • 1 month ago

    King George V, didn't want to import ideas of revolution into the U.K or have problems created by his presence here. So he just cut him loose. Later in his life he is said to have profoundly regretted withdrawing his offer of sanctuary to his cousin.

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