You work in the school cafeteria. You are normally very energetic, but you are feeling under the weather as you get lunch prepared for the day. You begin to rummage through the fridge searching for something to prepare, when “AAAHHH – CHOOO!” You manage to cover your nose with your hand to prevent sneezing on the food in the fridge. You spot some ground beef. You’re not sure when the manager took it out of the freezer—there’s no expiry date on it—maybe a couple of days ago? Hmmm . . . or was it at the end of last week? You examine it. Looks fine, smells OK. So you decide to use it. You take it out of the dripping plastic and use it to prepare dinner.  

Based on the symptoms, what type of food borne illness do you think you contracted? Justify your answer.

What are your food safety errors?

What should you have done instead?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Did you know that over in Education and Reference there is a board called Homework Help. Lots of folks dying to show how much they know. Head over and get a considerate answer.

  • kswck2
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    4 weeks ago

    Are you Kidding? Just start over again and feed them alcohol till it is ready. 

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