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why is there so much greek STYLE yoghurt and not just greek yoghurt?

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    If is is made in Greece, it is Greek yoghurt. If it is made anywhere else, it can only be called Greek style. 

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    I have been told  the GREEK " style  plain

    goes well with HONEY

    which is produced by WORKER BEES

    for the "QUEEN BEE " that's royal  

      think of yourself as a QUEEN

    GREEK STYLE  is a recipe  a METHOD of  yogurt (   YOGURT  with a "H"   is the British spelling   word ETYMOLOGY yogurt is TURKISH   yoghurt  yog meaning LIKE   CONDENSED  noted in ancient Egypt  and Greece  the Greek word was  OXYGALA aka ACID MILK )  meaning the methods can be used by people NOT Greek or  that the PRODUCT being sold  is NOT  a  GREEK EXPORT  there are LAWS governing Labels and patent RIGHTS

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    Try posting your question in the proper category:

    Royalty does not deal with food and drink, but with the monarchy and peerage.

    Authentic Greek Yogurt is made in Greece, using classic recipes and ingredients from Greece.

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    Copy right if it is not made By Greeks it is only Greek style

    Like the RR owned by BMW but made in England, so they can still call it a RR

    The UK invented Champaign (Sparkling Wine) but because the Inventors are not in the Champaign region they cannot call it anything but Sparkling Wine 

    I am Looking at the new Chinese MG made and Built in China

    Not a real MG

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    It's the current in thing. When I went to infant school I remember tasting yoghurt for the first time, and it seemed to be nothing like it is now. It was sharp not sweet, and quite runny, and they served it with a shortbread like biscuit. I know I've changed, but I also think they've changed the yoghurt.

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    What's that got to do with Royality.

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    To satisfy a 2011 EU Regulation it would need to be made in Greece to be called Greek Yoghurt, not because the name is protected but because it would be a misleading claim regarding the country of origin. Greece objects to the use of Greek-style as well, but there is not much they can do about that.

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    I think it would have to be actually made in Greece to call it Greek, like you can't have a Melton Mobray pork pie made outside that town but you can have a pie made exactly the same outside as long as it's stated it's in the same style only. Same with Cornish pasties, if they are made outside Cornwall the customer has to know, it has to say it's in that style or it can have a different name but they can't say it's Cornish just because it wasn't made in Cornwall, even if it's made to the precise recipe.

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