Relationship advice?

I have a crush on a girl that i have known for quite a while. I knew she liked me a few years ago but she moved and i lost communication with het, she moved back and i am talking to her to catch up what i have missed. I am an introvert so i find it hard to think of interesting conversations and to give interesting answers. I am running out of ideas to talk about and i am scared that i might loose or already lost my chance with her

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Stop playing the friendzone with her, messaging should only be used to set up dates, not have conversations all day. Let her know you're ready to clap those cheeks. Also what's with this scarcity mindset? "I'm scared to lose her" Why? She's not special, you're the prize, not her, and if you don't start looking at it that way she will never respect you as a man. She does not want you to make her a priority, so stop doing that. It's creepy to women. Ask yourself, "Would I date me if I was a woman?" The answer should be "hell no" not if you can't even hold a conversation. You need to improve on yourself before you can even think about being with a woman. Read this book below and you MAY have a chance with her, otherwise you'll just be best friends forever.

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