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Is it better to live in England or stay here in Ireland?

I am an American here, I live in Dublin, Ireland and as you know, the UK left the European Union, so I was wondering if it is better to live in England or stay here in Ireland (European Union)? I have until 2021 to decide.

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    4 weeks ago

    Do what is best for your personal situation.  If had the means living in England appeals to me for many reasons but there was a relative of mine who immigrated to the United States in the fourteenth century according to my aunt's history charts.  But once she found out he did something naughty she quickly started focusing on the Scottish side of the family. Personally proud of my English heritage and I am not defined by their sad decisions.  Neither will my future be defined by the sad decisions of some of my family members in the present in the sense they have no control over my final destination and more. Sad for the ones who made this necessary because they will not see the blessings that result from this for infinity in order to keep all that is safe. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You're American; it makes precisely no difference whatsoever. 

    Apart from the requirement to get a visa, as you presumably don't hold citizenship of either. 

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    How could you qualify for immigration or temporary visa, such as student or employment? What is your status in Ireland? Say, for example, you hold a temporary employment visa in Ireland. You'd need a temporary employment visa to work in UK. But UK's shortage list of occupations eligible for temporary employment visas is very different from Ireland's. Just because you qualify to work in Ireland would be meaningless in trying to go to UK, or any other country. You give no clues here as to your current status or potential eligibility to go anywhere else.

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    As an American national you do not have that choice,  unless you also hold an Irish passport, then you would have that option...... but that is nothing at all to do with the UK leaving the EU, the UK/ROI have a freedom of movement for citizens to live/work in each others countries from well before the EU ( or Common market) developed

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