What makes Bob Ross such a great artist? What attributes and skills does he have that makes him so?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Ross helped to popularize a technique called "wet on wet".  That is where you put down some background paint and then paint over with other colors, objects and details while it is still wet. 

    While on his show it looks like he is drawing a picture off the top of his head, in reality he sat down and sketched out each picture in advanced.  He laid out what it would look like, where each object would go, what colors he would use, etc.  He also had  to determine how to lay out a design that he could paint in the limited time he had for his TV show.  And then he painted each picture in advance.  Often make design changes to simplify the painting so he could do it quicker. 

    When he got ready to film, he had the finished painting (plus sketches, etc.) setting just off camera where he could see them.  And he "copied" the picture live for the camera.   So there are (at least) two copies of every painting that he made.  His master and the duplicate copy he made in front of the camera.  (His painting current sell for several thousand dollars each.  He produced over 400 paintings on his show.)

    He kept his painting very simple.  Usually landscapes with limited details so it did not have to spend three hours getting someone nose to like in a portrait.  Trees that he could make with a five or six strokes of his brush and leaves that he could quickly dab on them.  He only did one painting on TV with a person in it, and that was a tiny black image in the midground of the picture of a person in front of a campfire.

    He did a lot of putting multiple colors on his brush so that he could do one dap and three colors in a leaf to give it depth.

    He used large brushes to wash the back of his painting with color before he began to place objects on it.

    All of them technique that any good artist should have in their bag of tirck.  

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    His bushy hair did a lot of the drying of wet paint.

  • snafu
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    3 weeks ago

    “Great artist”? Not sure about that.  He does what he does very well, for a purpose ie, for tv.  I personally wouldn’t buy one.  Not my taste.

  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    Many will argue that he is merely a great painter, not a great "Artist". Even though I respect him a lot there is much to that.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    His techniques.

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