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I tried to make amends but it was ignored what now ?

So I am devastated as I fell out with a friend over a well meaning thing I did which went wrong 

I profusely apologised and they said we would catch up soon in a message the next day 

That was 3 weeks ago so yesterday I messaged saying I felt really bad about what happened she hoped I had the chance to make amends but no response as yet

Is it finished ? Please be kind as I'm in bits 

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    If It were me personally, I'd give it some time. It just depends on the type of person your friend is. some people take things differently than others. I am a sensitive person, so it takes me a little longer to forgive than other people, but eventually I do come around. some people can forgive quickly. time will only tell. good luck! I hope things work out, God bless!! :)

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    It would be helpful if I knew exactly what happened. But I can understand both you and your friends point of view. The only way to work things out is to talk about it. If your friend doesn't want to talk about it right now, then I would give her time. But if she takes a long time getting back to you I would consider moving on. I understand she may be hurt but people aren't perfect. They make mistakes. Unfortunately some mistakes people can't recover from.

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    You simply don't have to discuss any topic you wish to avoid, by telling the person that this is a private personal matter and that you would rather take it off the table. What gives: you first said she had a fiance, then later, a husband!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    if your girl theres only one thing to do to recover your friend obviously.

    if your friend is girl or guy doesnt matter.

    pick out you looses thinnest dress, it should come just over your knee. you'll also need sandles.

    then quit eating but drink lots of water.

    dont eat for at least 2 days if not four.

    next pick a.....

    oh look I'm soooo...busy just got no more time...

    your a guy? who cares.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Whatever you did, had to be over the line. you have lost a friend. Leave it alone, its over.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I can't call as they're working & don't think a text would be welcome 

    It's because I went a bit mad with congratulating them on a new job on LinkedIn

    They said their manager complained so I've truly messed things up ,,,

  • lala
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    4 weeks ago

    It depend how deeply she had been hurt 

     Some people have some unresolved issues and if you push this button 

    well !! they react strongly 

    Wait a few weeks and then met her in person 

    Texting is very cold 

  • Pain
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    4 weeks ago

    Have you tried to call? I think with situations like this, call instead of text as a phone conversation is more real and intimate and allows the two of you to engage better. I think in your defence though, your friend needs to just be open and honest with you and say whether she feels she wants to move on or not, instead of just keeping you hanging like this. She should have the balls to face you instead of hiding.

    It's hard to tell if it's finished. Maybe so since they are not responding, but I think you need to try and call instead of this texting business. This is not the time for text messages.

    I think you should also give us a bit of background as to what actually happened. This way, we can gauge whether your friend is overreacting or not. 

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