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Did he just want to keep me around?!?

So I know that guys lie whenever they want to get what they want sometimes but this was my first boyfriend. He was amazing and I didn’t know anything else. He would open the car door for me and buy me gifts and I never experienced that before. 

before we became exclusive, I found out he was on tinder so we had a long talk about it and he said I was everything he needed. I gave him the option of us just casually dating and he could stay on tinder and he chose to be exclusive with me. I was just upset because he didn’t tell me we were just casual and I thought we were more. Especially because once I told him I was going out one night and he grilled me the next morning and said I was acting suspicious. 

he broke up like a month after that lol and he said the distance was too hard which I believed because he would bring it up a lot in our relationship and say he missed me. He wanted to be fwb after which confused me because in our relationship he said he would never use me for sex and liked me a lot. He said he would wait for me as long as I wanted. ( I’m a virgin) I texted him after we broke up because I missed him saying I wanted to be fwb too ( I didn’t I just missed him) we ended up meeting up and before he was like “what’s the plan?” And I told him we’ll see when we get there and he was like “cool” and still drove 30 min. To have sex with me ( I was in town for The Weeknd ) so I think he knew I didn’t wanna have sex. Why would he want fwb? To keep me around?

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    This makes very little sense.  

  • You know, right when he said he wanted to be FWB that was enough for you to realize what he wanted the whole time.


    To me, defo sounds like it. I mean unless you yourself were ok with being FWB with him or something.

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    4 weeks ago

    FWB      means he wants sex with no commiment

  • 4 weeks ago

    Jesus.........................just,........................Jesus,.............. SO stupid, SO uneducated, SO needy, SO desperate...... bloody scary

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