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Korean zombie movie very similar to Alive?

This is driving me crazy because I can't find this Korean movie. Does anyone know?




Young man lives in apt with mom. One day she turns into zombie and he fights her until he locks her in bedroom. Zombie apocalypse outside.

Supplies run out and he sees a girl in apt across from him. She shoots arrow with rope attached to him and sends him food that way.

Antagonist appears who controls zombies. He kills anyone who gets in his way. Obsessed with sex and rapes any woman he sees. He explores the guy's apt and they get into a tussle and the antagonist ends up killing the main guy's mother.

The antagonist sees girl in other apt and starts towards her. The main guy rushes and protects her.

Antagonist ends up on the rooftop after chasing the mains where I BELIEVE he is shot down by military chopper.

Antagonist was orphan picked up by gov experiments. He was tortured and buried alive in satan-ritual way, then resurrected, turning him into incubus who can control these gov-made zombies.

Gov spread a virus inside a soft drink to test incubus's mind control ability. Got out of hand and apocalypse began.

The mains found out about the soft drinks and warned people.

They find cure which is to play nostalgic songs LOL. Memories are so powerful that any sensory catalyst reverts minds back to original states.

I THINK mains carry a record player down the street blasting music. Zombies follow until they're human again.

Movie ends with drink going down as conspiracy and banning.

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