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Will the RTX 3060 be more powerful than the 2080ti?

And how much will it cost?

 P.s. I heard that they will directly put the 3060 super or ti so you can explain to me a little bit the power, the cost and also how many fps it reaches on the forest with the graphics at maximum. thanks a lot


That is, you could me how much more powerful and more powerful than the 2080ti or if it is the same etc ....

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    The RTX3060 is nowhere near the performance of a RTX2080ti.

    On the other hand the new RTX3070 about to be released is comparable to the RTX2080ti in performance.

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    2 months ago

    The hypothetical RTX 3060 will definitely be slower than the 2080TI.  They specifically design the "60" series to have much lower power requirements, lower thermal requirements and to be more affordable.  On top of that the actual 3070 RTX is testing at barely 5% faster against the 2080TI so the numbers don't come even close to adding up for the hypothetical RTX 3060.

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