Ladies, are some bras you buy uncomfortable sometimes?

I wanted a different style so I bought this paded lace style but later I realised that the coverage isn't good and I'm sick of wearing it. It is a quality expensive one but what's the point when it turns out i have to keep dragging it Into shape and cover properly with your hands. 

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  • Bec
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Yup - I've found several don't seem to have long enough shoulder straps - the band sits way to high across me and digs in - a smaller band is waaay to tight, a looser band is too loose. And the straps dig in despite being on the longest.

    Get measured and try on lots from various shops and brands - I've always found underwired digs in so tend to look at non-wired. Try different brands but also styles (tshirt bras, full cup, front clasps etc)

  • 1 month ago

    Sometimes but it usually depends on the brand in my opinion because some brands are better than other brands. 

  • 1 month ago

    I learned my lesson and got bras that don't have underwire. I hate underwire. It's so tight and constricting. I have ONE BRA that has underwire and it's comfortable enough. All the rest are T-shirt bras, bralettes, or sports bras. Basically, they just go over my head like a shirt and keep my puppies in place. I don't need lift or support or cleavage at my age. I got rid of all my "ho" bras a long time ago. I have a few sexy ones for the husband ;) but I don't wear those every day. 

    Get properly measured. Honestly, store bras are a general idea of your boob size. They suck. That's why I just gave up and do the pullover bras.

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