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How to change my situation in life? Fear of driving?

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    No obligation to be equal others . We want to acquire natural, useful, comfortable, and definitive super-powers ; to fly us speedy and to teleport us instantaneously;  to travel pleasantly City at City or Country at Country ; so much in the physical life as much in the psychical life . We are us being ! Super-health, shiny youth, comfortable wealth .

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    If possible, go to a driving instructor who has virtual driving. You can make mistakes safely and get accustomed to being behind the wheel. Virtual reality has become part of treatment for phobias.

    Basically, therapy for phobias, explained in The Feeling Good Handbook by psychiatrist David Burns, is making a list of situations, ranking them according to how scary you find them, and using that ranked list as your objectives. Imagining a situation can be an objective. Start with something really, really easy. Your first objective could be a quiet suburban street in the middle of the day or an empty parking. You can have as many objectives as you like and spend as much time on one as you like.

    The thing to remember is never go from objective A to objective B until you feel completely confident with A. Things that give you confidence are experience and slow breathing. There's enormous laboratory and clinical evidence that slow breathing is effective for calming people down quickly.

    Two psychiatrists, Brown and Gerbarg, say a 10 or 20 min slow breathing exercise - 5 breaths a min - is good and 20 min twice a day is a therapy for anxiety. The exercise is inhale and exhale gently, 6 seconds each.

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    Without a car you are stuck.

    With a car you can go almost anywhere you want to.

    Just go for it.

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