Why is Excel moving information down a row when opening a CSV file?

Frustrating! I saved a CSV file (comma delimited) with all the information on one row as correctly required but when I save and reopen the file, it's moved half of the information to the row below it. It's not displaying the same as how I saved it. Why is it doing this? How do I fix? Please explain to me in simple step by step instructions as I don't know enough about excel to understand advanced instructions about it. 


I'm doing e-commerce and I've noticed only certain listings do this and not others?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Check your CSV file. Open it using Notepad or Wordpad. Excel merely reads the file and puts the information where the CSV says it should go, according to such things as 'Carriage return" or "New Line".  Check the CSV file at the point where it's splitting the information to a new line.  You will find either an errant "/r" (carriage return) or "/n" (new line) Take these out and the CSV file should then display properly. 

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