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Genetics Chi Square Question?

There's a large group of families with four children in which at least one child shows albinism. Parents are normal. Among the children, the ratio of those unaffected to those affected is 1.7:1.

If a researcher expands his sample size to 1000 families of four children with at least one albino child, would you expect his data for non-albino vs. albino children to fit a 3:1 ratio if a chi-square test is done for a goodness-of-fit to a 3:1 ratio? Why or why not?

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    Not necessarily, because you have biased your selection of families to only those with at least one albino offspring. In matings of two heterozygotes, some families would be expected to have 4 (or more) non-albino offspring, but those have been excluded those from the analysis.

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