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Could I end up pregnant?

Soooo I skipped the last month of my pills on my birth control  because I started having breakthrough bleeding, my doctor told me to start taking the placebo pills.  I’m on my pebriod but i only have 2 more days left. W out thinking about it I let my fiancé  ejaculate inside me today Is there a chance that I could become prego??

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    4 weeks ago
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    You will never become spaghetti sauce.

    Get a new doctor.

    Even when you get breakthrough bleeding - you should continue to take the active pills.  You should NEVER skip any active pills.  It is ridiculous that a doctor told you to do that just over a common side effect of using birth control.  The doctor should have also warned you to use another method for birth control until  you have taken seven pills from a new pack since you skipped the rest of the active pills from this pack.

    Yes - there is a chance you could be pregnant.  At 21 days after sex, a pregnancy test would be accurate.  If you do ovulate because of skipping some active pills from this pack, it would be random and could happen at anytime.  

  • God
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    4 weeks ago

    What you did is called f ucking.  That's how you get pregnant.

  • Jill
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    4 weeks ago

    Are you for real?  If you're not using birth control of course you could become prego. 

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