Kinetic energies 20Mev?

L Particle accelerates electrons up to kinetic energies of 20MeV.

1. calculate total energy of 20MeV electron in MeV

2.what is the velocity of 20.0MeV electron? Compare with the speed of light and comment?

3.what is the mass of 20MeV electron in Kg, MeV/c^2 and the %mass increase?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    The speed of light observed in the frame S will be c = x. 2 − x. 1 t. 2 − t. 1. = c ... Show that the relativistic expression for the kinetic energy of a particle (Eq. 1.2) reduces to the ... 1 and 2. Assume you can measure accurately the energies and momenta of ... electron–neutrino system as one object with a mass of a few MeV.

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