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I keep getting rejected because of my age?

I've been on a few dating sites for a month or so, and there are guys saying they want young and cute girls around 18/19 and keep rejecting me because I'm 22. I know that I'm not 18 anymore but I'm still young, it's not like I'm 40. Now I feel unattractive and old.

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    Here's the thing, it's not someone 'young' they are after. They want someone without a lot of dating history because those girls wont be as fast to see through them for the terrible people they are. These douchebags are doing you a favour, please don't feel rejected, take it as a sign not to waste your time. Seriously, if you remember your 18 year old self you probably would forgive a guy for cancelling on you because you think he's into you and has a genuine reason to cancel - at 22 you value your time and you know when a guy cancels last minute you know he's not valuing you or your time. 

    I have no doubt you are an awesome human and you'll find some great guys to date. It might seem like a cliché but spending more time on yourself and the things you're interested in will help you see through these guys. It will also bring you closer to the guy you should be dating. Try a new hobby or start learning a new skill. Who knows, he might be the instructor of your online guitar classes, or the sales rep helping you pick our some hiking gear. Get obsessed with making yourself happy and the right guy will want in :-) 

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