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Symbolic logic anyone good with it that can help me ?

Symbolize the following sentences, using the scheme of abbreviations provided. 

D: I diet.

E: I exercise.

M: I am motivated. T: I get too tired.

P: I am depressed.

L: I am lazy. S: I swim.

R: I run.

W: I drive to work.

6) If I don’t either diet or exercise, I am depressed.

7) Unless I am motivated, I will neither diet nor exercise.

8) I will exercise if I am motivated, provided I am not both lazy and depressed.

9) I won’t be depressed if I either swim or run, unless I drive to work and don’t diet.

10) I either swim or run if and only if I both don’t get too tired and I am motivated.

11) If I swim or run, then I am not depressed; but it is not the case that either I am lazy or I drive to work.

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    ^ means And

    v means Or

    ~ means Not

    --> mean Then

    6) ~(DvE) --> P

    7)  ~M --> ~(DvE)

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