How do I update my Google play store app if it's not in application manager anymore?

A couple of days ago my play store app was acting funny and it wouldn't load up so I force stopped it, cleared cache and date and restarted my phone. Nothing helped. It still wouldn't boot up when I clicked on it. So then I read somewhere online that I should uninstall updates. So I uninstalled the updates and lt notified me that it would be going back to its default app. I then restarted the phone and it opened without a problem this time. The user interface did look different but nonetheless it opened. Play store was working again. I could download stuff. Problem is It's not opening again and this time I can't find the play store app in my application manager. Please help!

1 Answer

  • Olive
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Try going into Settings then to Apps or Applications whichever your phone shows. Then go to App Info and look for Google Play Store and Enable it in case its disabled. Then restart phone

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