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My wife had an affair and is being over the top generous with compliments, gifts, and attention. Is she trying to manipulate me ?

Because this her second time having an affair and sleeping with another man. She promised it won’t happen again and she just got caught up in her emotions. This is why I don’t believe in male and female having friends while married. At first she was begging for me to take her back but then she said “ I realize you will never take me back so I’m just going to settle for being your friend.” She’s been complimenting me 24/7, and said she’s going to fund my business for it to take off the ground. She told me that she’s not expecting anything in return she’s being a good friend. I told her that if I get rich I will give her a chunk even if. I don’t take her back. She’s going out of her way to be a great support system with me. It’s just other side of me Hopes she is genuine and not doing this to get back together 


I am divorcing her but we are friends because I love our friendship. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why is she still your wife?

  • 4 weeks ago

    sure thats why she is doing it. put everything in writing and both sign it. especially thepart where she doesn`t expect anything back

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