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What do you think the purpose of giving a wedding gift is?

I've heard people on YA state it is as a thank you but I was always told it's to get the couple started in their new life together.  You choose gifts for the home and cash to give.

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  • Jerry
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    A wedding gift can be an expression of joy, congratulations, best wishes, etc. It can be way to say "Thank you for letting us witness your vows and for including us in your wonderful celebration. It can be a combination of the two. 

    And of course there's the "We have to give a gift or be known to those people as cheapskates" gifting, lol. 

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    Interesting question, since 1) wedding gifts are not obligatory and 2) most people getting married already have household stuff. Of all the things I got for wedding presents, there is one that's held up: a porcelain- on-cast iron baking dish which I've used for 35 years. Just washed it this evening. I suppose cash allows the couple to buy something for their home.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    No it is not a thank you to the wedding couple. It is a congratulatory gift.  Yes, a gift for the home was traditional to give.  It is more common now to give cash at the wedding. 

    The reception is a thank you to guest who came to the wedding. 

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