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Should I Forgive my ex? ?

We had a messy breakup and we tried to make it work again,.. but now my ex gf is literally crazy, insecure, and a bit controlling.

There was no cheating in our relationship but she said some extremely foul things to me and lied a lot and overall betrayed my trust by using my childhood trauma to hurt me verbally. She also reached out to my exes after we broke up and called over 300x from different #s and all. It was too much and so odd because she was NOTHING like that when we were together. 

we didn’t speak for about 5 months and I reached out because I did miss the good times. I wanted it to be just sex but our relationship was too strong for that. We then tried to take it slow and start over but she got very compulsive or insecure about me possibly dating other women even though we’re still both single. I have to block her and unblock her constantly... but when we’re together she’s like the old version that I fell in love with.

I want things to work but she is always quick to throw personal jabs at me when we get into the simplest arguments. She purposely leaves her things at my apartment now and seduces me because she knows how I feel about her. She went crazy again and threatened to pop up at my house and I had her blocked since Saturday. 

She’s tried apologizing all week and said she learned her lesson but she always says this and I always take her back. She sent me $200 cash app saying “I’m sorry unblock me” and I still have feelings for this girl

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    When you were dating she only showed a good side, sooner or later this nasty thing would have revealed herself, and made your life hell, until you woke up and got a divorce. stay away from this beast. Forget the feelings, move on. Do not be stupid...look at what she did to you, and thats your future. You cannot change what she really is.

  • Alan H
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    4 weeks ago

    You would be wiser making no attempt to rebuild.

    Let ex be ex and move on

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